Unlock the Potential of Single Cell Genomics with Sensific: Revolutionizing Drop-seq with Unmatched Precision and Efficiency.

Speed and efficiency re-imagined

  • 20x Faster Generation: Accelerate the pace of genomic discovery with rapid cell processing.
  • 100x More Efficient Encapsulation: Our technology enables quicker and more efficient encapsulation, leading to high-throughput genomic analysis.

Minimizing errors

Experience an error reduction from 5% to just 0.1%. Sensific’s precise control dramatically decreases the margin of error, resulting in more reliable data.

Integrated Morphological and Fluorescent Marker Analysis

Our advanced systems combine morphological and fluorescent marker analysis in a single step, offering a comprehensive view of cellular characteristics and states.

Setting a new standard for single cell genomics

Immediate Quality Control With Sensific, immediate quality control is integrated into the process, ensuring high-quality results from the onset and eliminating the need for extensive post-processing checks.

Optimizing Sample Concentration We deliver optimized concentration processes that increase the accuracy of genomic information while reducing the input sample volume, enabling cost-effective and resource-efficient research.

Significantly Reduced Free RNA Signal Sensific’s technology achieves a strong reduction of free RNA signal, enhancing the clarity and usability of genomic data and simplifying downstream analysis.

Sensific’s microfluidic technology is your gateway to the future of single cell genomics. Discover speed, precision, and quality like never before.

Transform your single cell genomic research with Sensific.