Advance your cell line development and craft quality cell lines faster

Achieve improved clonality

With our advanced technology, Sensific ensures the development of clonal cell lines with improved accuracy. Our systems are designed to guarantee single-cell encapsulation, paving the way for uniformity and consistency in your cell lines.

Accelerating the screening process

Our high-throughput microfluidic platforms significantly cut down the time required for cell line screening. With Sensific, researchers can swiftly navigate through thousands of cell lines, selecting the most promising candidates with ease.

Empowering Enhanced Selection Efficiency

Our microfluidic solutions bring unparalleled efficiency to the selection of superior cell lines. Our precise sorting mechanisms facilitate the rapid identification of high-performance cells, driving enhanced productivity in cell line development.

Our technology prioritizes the viability and quality of cells. By facilitating gentle handling and precise environmental control, our systems maintain the health of cells throughout the development process, resulting in high-quality cell lines.

With our cutting-edge microfluidic technology, cell line development is redefined. Experience the power of enhanced selection, improved clonality, and accelerated screening, all while ensuring cell viability and quality.

Transform your cell line development with Sensific’s innovative microfluidics.