Advanced Microfluidic Solutions for Discovery and Screening

Empowering Antibody Discovery and Optimization

Sensific’s microfluidic technology provides a robust platform for the rapid discovery and optimization of antibodies. Our advanced systems support the swift identification of high-affinity antibodies, expediting the journey from research to therapeutic application.

Enhancing antibody-antibody interaction studies

With precise control at the microscale, our technology allows researchers to conduct enhanced antibody-antigen interaction studies, yielding deeper insights into binding efficiencies and specificity – key parameters in therapeutic antibody development.

Streamlining high-throughput of B cells

Our microfluidic solutions offer high-throughput screening capabilities, enabling the analysis of vast B cell repertoires. Sensific technology is tailored for single- cell resolution, providing a detailed view of B cell diversity for the selection of optimal antibody producers.

Single-cell resolution for precision research

Sensific recognizes the importance of single-cell analysis in antibody research. Our microfluidic platforms deliver unparalleled single-cell resolution, empowering scientists to observe and analyze cellular responses with the highest accuracy.


Leverage Sensific’s microfluidic technology for your antibody research and step into a new age of discovery and development, where speed, precision, and single-cell resolution converge to optimize your outcomes.

Discover how our technology can transform your antibody discovery and screening processes.